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Our flagship product.  Called "Golden Medicine" by ancient Chinese medical scientists because of therapeutic properties known to reside in the golden part of rich, black soil.  Wu Jin San® is made through a slow fermentation process, with a microbial culture developed by Dr. Faust in Hawaii, using pristine Oregon rainwater collected 45 miles from the Cascade Mountains, which is purified through multiple stages of filtration.  When the process is complete, the product is run through a vortexing water pipe for added benefit.  This technique is based on an updated method of a centuries-old Chinese practice developed during the Ming Dynasty, replicating the process used by Mother Nature herself.  Wu Jin San® is not concentrated, which causes chemical clumping and prevents fulvic acid from getting into cells.  There is no heat and no chemical manipulation used in this natural cold extraction process.  All other humic/fulvic and fulvic acid products on the market are made using simple cold water extraction, or chemical manipulation and extraction, not natural methods.  


Wu Jin San® is not watered down.  Water supports the fermentation process.  Each batch takes up to three months to brew and is made with lots of love and care.  The result is a true fulvic acid without preservatives, without harmful minerals, and without the impurities of dirty lignite deposits, including heavy metals, carbon residues, which may be mutagenic, and coal tar waxes.  Wu Jin San® is cleansed of all impurities and has full biological activity in the human cell. 


Wu Jin San® is the only pure fulvic acid on the market.  Other products claim fulvic acid, but don't list the amount of fulvic acid in the product.  Other products claim humic acid, but don't list the amount of humic acid in the product.  Other products claim mineral content, but either don't list the minerals or don't list the amounts of minerals in the product.  Wu Jin San® is the only product on the market to provide 3rd party humic and fulvic acid and mineral content testing using a method standardized by the Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA).  The HPTA has developed this industry standard analysis to prevent fraud and deception in the marketplace.  Unless you see the HPTA logo (shown in the title heading above) on any humic/fulvic or fulvic acid product you are using, you have no idea what's really in the bottle or what you are choosing to put in your body, including heavy metals and other contaminants found in peat, coal and lignite products, including Shilajit.

Why is it important to get only fulvic acid? Because  it is fulvic acid that is small enough to pass through the pores of a human cell membrane.  Humic acids are too large to get through the pores of a human cell membrane and therefore, do not have any work to do in a human body.  If you think you need humic acids for the minerals, remember humic acids do not discriminate and bind heavy metals in the soil, which you are then ingesting.  It doesn't make any sense to be taking minerals that are not used by your body or not in the ratios needed by you cells.  It doesn't make sense to take a product to chelate heavy metals which you are ingesting with the product itself.  When a humic/fulvic acid product is already bound to heavy metals, it doesn't act to chelate heavy metals in your body.  When you take our Wu Jin San® product, which is pure fulvic acid, without harmful minerals, you are getting what your body needs to support heavy metal chelation and extract nutrients from the food you eat, the way Mother Nature intended.

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Li SheZhun

LiShizhen Medical Scientist Ming Dynasty

Wu Jin San® Benefits

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