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Robert Faust

Robert Faust, BS, MS, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Dr.  Faust was born and raised in Pennsylvania Dutch country, with early exposure to the importance of the land and its preservation.  He attended the University of Delaware College of Agriculture with a major in entomology and applied ecology, finishing his Bachelor of Science work at the University of the State of New York in Albany.  He then proceeded to earn a Master of Science degree in Agronomy, under the mentorship of Professor John I. Mosher, his thesis being field research on the use of ecological and organic methods for crop production and the use of humates and bio-based fertilizers in large-scale production in Idaho.  Dr. Mosher was the head of the Biology department at the University of New York at Brockport and was an expert on biodynamic agriculture, having published numerous papers on alternative agricultural methods.


Continuing under the tutelage of Professor Mosher, Dr. Faust completed PhD work at Columbia Pacific University in San Rafael, California.  At the time, organics was in its infancy and although Columbia Pacific was considered an "alternative University", the program held appeal for Dr. Faust for this was a way to pursue education in organic and biodynamic agriculture and integrated biomass conversion systems., The PhD work included studies of agro-ecological concepts and development of an integrated biological system for production of fungal biomass used for livestock feed and methods described for extraction of fungal biomass for medicines.  Dr. Faust's PhD thesis was an original plan and concept, complete with detail for solar pond technology, combined with an integrated system of biomass conversion, which produced aquaculture species, as well as other by-products, derived from mass fungal culture methods.

Dr. Faust has over 40 years of commitment to education and research in the field of organic agriculture. and the development of products to sustain healthy soil for plants, animals, and humans.  He lived in California and on The Big Island of Hawaii for many years where he was a licensed Pest Control Advisor and Integrated Pest Management Specialist, assisting organic farmers on soil and pest management.  Dr. Faust conducted contract bio-pesticide research, and was a commercial sales manager for Safer, Inc., a company producing and selling alternative pest management products. He also conducted pest management research for Ecogen, Rhone-Poulenc, and Ciba-Geigy, as well as organic certification inspection and consulting with organic farmers in Hawaii.

Dr. Faust is a leading expert in agro-ecology, providing integrated services throughout the world, including the United States, Egypt, Belize, Jamaica, Ecuador, and Mexico.  This works assists in reducing dependency on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, uses new biotechnology and foliar fertilizers to increase crop yields, and creates sustainable systems.  Dr. Faust has lectured extensively in the United States and in China.  He is an active member of the International Humic Substances Society (IHSS) and the Humic Products Trade Association, (HPTA), working to establish standards for the quantification of the humic and fulvic substances in the industry. 

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Elizabeth Wanek

Elizabeth Wanek, BS, MD

President & Medical Director

Dr, Wanek was born and raised in the Sandhills of northwestern Nebraska; cattle, corn, alfalfa, and soybean county and the site of one of the largest natural aquifers in the United States.  She, too, recognized the importance of healthy soil and pure water supporting a healthy population and a strong community.  Dr. Wanek finished high school in Omaha, Nebraska, graduating as valedictorian of her class.  She went on to receive a BS in Chemistry and a MD from Creighton University in Omaha.  From there Dr. Wanek completed a General Surgery Residency at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, followed by a Fellowship Year in Pediatric Liver Transplantation at the University of Texas Southwestern at Dallas and a  Fellowship Year in Pediatric Surgical Research at the University of Colorado Medical Center in Denver.   On completion of training, Dr. Wanek entered a private Pediatric Surgery practice in Greensboro, North Carolina. 


While in private practice, Dr. Wanek returned to her roots in Chemistry and Biochemistry, as she was surprised to discover a direct connection between food and the function of her own body, as opposed to food and nutrition being important only for effective treatment outcomes in her patients.  This discovery launched further study and transition from a surgical practice to the opening of a Functional Medicine practice, anchored by training at the Institute for Functional Medicine in Gig Harbor, Washington in the late 90's and a grounding in the biochemistry of food.  This transition was from the visible anatomy to anatomy at the microscopic level.   

Even though Functional Medicine and the implementation of biochemical eating proved life-changing for many patients, there still seemed to be more to learn, more to understand, and more to experience.  The next step was an introduction to Chinese medicine, to Dr. Faust, and to Wun Jin San™.  Based on experience with "Golden Medicine" successfully treating a patient with ulcerative colitis, uncontrolled on "maximal medical therapy", Dr. Wanek wanted to understand why this happened and again went back to the basic sciences, but this time adding more intense study of physics, electricity, and electromagnetism.  Out of this study, Dr. Wanek came to understand that there are foundational principles on which human life and all of life is built.  Life requires electricity and the conditions under which electricity is generated:  water molecules moving rapidly and fulvic acid, both of which are discussed in detail with patients in her "Foundational Medicine" practice. 


Over the years, Dr. Wanek has investigated many different fulvic acid and/or humic/fulvic acid products.  Wu Jin San™ is the only product on the US market which is naturally extracted, with no harmful metals and no impurities.  Dr. Wanek recommends Wu Jin San™ as foundational support for all her patients, for continuous daily use.  Wu Jin San™ is the one supplement she never misses.  Dr. Wanek has written extensively for Natural Triad, a local Greensboro magazine, and serves as Medical Director for Mana Life Laboratory.     

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Established in 2004, Mana Life Laboratory is the brainchild of Robert Faust, BS, MS, PhD, born from a desire to bring his knowledge of ancient Chinese Medicine and the modern science of Agroecology to a line of human health products containing "Mana" from the soil.  Dr. Faust has long recognized that life-giving substances, collectively called humic and fulvic acids, are depleted from modern soils, compromising the viability and sustainability of fungal, plant, and animal/human ecosystems on Planet Earth.  There are many companies selling what is described as the same or similar products, but none with the Dr. Faust's expertise, over 40 years of experience, and world-wide recognition.  (Many companies don't even identify themselves or their credentials!)  Mana Life Laboratory is the only company in the US market selling pure fulvic acid, and, the only company selling humic and fulvic acid to provide either a full product analysis OR analysis by Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) testing, the gold standard for measurement of biologically active fulvic acid (the hyrdophobic fraction).

At about the same time as Dr. Faust was developing the Mana Life Laboratory line of products, Dr. Elizabeth Wanek, BS Chem, MD, with over 25 years of experience in the medical field, first as a chemist, then as a General and Pediatric Surgeon, and then as a Functional Medicine practitioner, recognized that there are foundational principles upon which the human body runs, primarily water and electricity.  She was introduced to Dr. Faust by a Chinese Medicine practitioner colleague and after learning from him, realized that fulvic substances are an essential part of sustaining and supporting both water and electricity in the human body.  For fourteen years she has recommended Wu Jin San® for all her patients for daily use.  For fourteen years, it is the one supplement that her patients continue to buy and include in their daily routine!  Wu Jin San® is the one supplement both Dr Faust and Dr. Wanek take on a daily basis and recommend the same for you.

At Mana Life Laboratory, we are committed to bringing you the finest products from Mother Nature, in the form she intended:  100% Natural, not chemically altered or manipulated and without the harmful minerals and soil contaminants.  The human body cannot be micromanaged with supplements for this and supplements for that.  If you build a strong foundation, which is what Wu Jin San® does, then the stage is set for your body to be as strong as it possibly can be.  Without adequate amounts of pure fulvic acid, the power in your cells is reduced, bringing symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, weight gain or loss, loss of strength and flexibility and generalized inflammation, all of which are commonly associated with any dis-ease and dys-function.    

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