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Farm Animals
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Lithicinis a proprietary blend of both soluble and insoluble forms of humic substances, which is beneficial for all animals, including pets and livestock.  It is registered as a livestock remedy in Oregon. It is used extensively in Europe as a supplement for commercial livestock, like dairy cows, and other farm animals.


Lithicin benefits include longevity enhancement from tannins in the humic substances.  Because Lithicin supports digestive function and has natural anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, digestive distress caused by poisons, virus and bacteria can be eased or prevented. 


Lithicin provides foundational support for cell metabolism in all animals, which is essential for strong muscles, a healthy coat, healthy teeth, normal digestion, for maintaining flexibility and for optimal performance.


Our customers use Lithicinto support healthy pets, healthy horses and healthy livestock. 

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