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Wu Jin San® Benefits

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Chelates Heavy Metals

  • Has Anti-Viral, Anti-Parasitic and Anti-Fungal Properties

  • Provides Immune Support

  • Supports Detoxification 

  • Provides Powerful Anti-Oxidant Support

  • Supports Flow of Electricity in Your Body

  • Improves Cell Adhesion to Stop Leaky Gut

  • Improves Strength & Flexibility

  • Improves Clarity & Focus

Mana Life Laboratory has experience using Wu Jin San® clinically for over 15 years.  A great many of our customers and patients say they feel more energy, some almost immediately.  Others say they feel brighter and more focused, with better cognitive function.  Some people notice stronger nails, better skin and thicker hair.  Still others say that sleep is improved and cravings are reduced.  There are some people who don't notice anything after a month or several months of using the product.  It is only after stopping Wu Jin San® support, that a reduction in overall sense of well-being is noted, with a sense of not clicking on all cylinders, or just not feeling right. 


Many people ask if Wu Jin San® will specifically work to cure their disease or ailment.  Wu Jin San® does not treat or cure disease.  What it does do is make your cells work better, regardless of what you are dealing with.  Wu Jin San® is an essential nutrient.  Wu Jin San®, as its core function, provides electricity to your cells.  If you are sick or have any kind of dysfunction, you don't have enough electricity running your cells AND you are not running continuously on a full charge, as is required for optimal health.  This doesn't mean that taking Wu Jin San® will cure you, it just means that without Wu Jin San® and electricity, your cells will be compromised in their ability to function and to repair and to regrow, which is required for any healing process.  Ultimately to figure out why you should take Wu Jin San®, you have to try it and have an experience of what it does for you!  


Using Wu Jin San® is like tending a garden.  In order to have the strongest and most resilient plants, there must be soil rich in fulvic acid, proper nutrients, proper sunlight, proper water, proper air circulation, proper temperature and continuous weed removal.  If these conditions are not met on a daily basis, then the chances of having a healthy, productive garden are pretty slim.  Immediate and/or day-to-day changes are not generally observed.  It is only in the continuum of the gardening process that the end result reveals the effectiveness of the procedure.  Orchid growers, especially, know this.

So too, nurturing your body and your cells requires daily work, with the proper fundamentals on a daily basis:  adequate and functional water, supplemental fulvic acid, proper nutrients, proper rest, proper sunlight, proper breathing, elimination of foods devoid of nutrients, and all things in moderation.  Healthy plants, just like healthy bodies are strong, flexible and resilient on all levels:  physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.  Without adequate amounts of fulvic acid every day, optimal health is not guaranteed, but is also not possible.  

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