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  • What are your business hours?
    We are open Monday through Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM US Central Time. Messages received by any means during office hours are handled within the business day. Messages left after close of business are handled within the next business day.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    We do have discount pricing on multiple item purchases, but we do not offer any other specific discounts. We sometimes run coupon specials, which are either delivered by email or advertised on the website. Depending on your needs and dosing schedule, all of our products generally cost less than $1 per day.
  • When are orders processed?
    We process orders daily for shipping Monday through Saturday, except for USPS holidays. We are closed on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • How do I place an order?
    For fastest service, please place orders ​via the website. You may also phone us with your order, 1 866 282 2710. Phone orders will either generate an invoice sent to you via email with instructions for payment or we will request billing and shipping information from you in order to process the order manually with our merchant processing system.
  • Secure Ordering & Payment Options
    Payments are processed from our secure website via SSL (secure socket layer) with Stripe or PayPal. You can also choose to pay offline by Personal Check or Money Order. Your offline order is processed and shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
  • Shipping
    We ship within the US via USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Generally USPS and UPS have the best rates on orders of 5 pounds or less. The best rates for larger orders and shipments to Canada are generally via Fed Ex. USPS has the best rates for International Shipping. During the checkout process, you will have the opportunity to select which option and/or pricing you prefer. Please note that FedEx cannot ship to a PO Box.
  • Package Insurance and Cold Weather Conditions
    During times of colder weather, there is a small chance our liquid fulvic products may freeze. Unless specifically requested, packages are not insured for any loss or damage due to freezing, with subsequent splitting or leakage of contents. This will not affect product quality, but may affect the quantity of product received. If you do not want to take the chance of a frozen bottle splitting with loss of contents, please wait to order liquids until freezing winter weather has passed.
  • Returns & Refunds
    If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return the product within 30 days of purchase for either a full or pro-rated refund, depending on the amount of product returned. If there is an issue, either with the product itself, or with damage in shipment, please forward a picture for confirmation. Returns do not require return authorization, but advanced notice is appreciated. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping, handling and/or insurance charges for both the shipment or the return are non-refundable. COD’s for shipping on returned products will not be accepted. Refunds can only be applied to the card numbers charged, no exceptions. Return Shipping Address: Mana Life Laboratory 663 N 132nd Street - 7207, Omaha, NE 68154.
  • Why is Wu Jin San® bottled in plastic containers?
    We bottle Wu Jin San® in plastic containers because it woud be cost and loss prohibitive to do otherwise. The containers are BPA free and either food grade HDPE or PET plastic. Contrary to what you may have heard or read on the internet, because Wu Jin San® is pure fulvic, it IS NOT a highly reactive substance. Chemistry terms are somewhat confusing, but there is a difference chemically between an organic acid and a highly corrosive material like battery acid or products that contain caustic heavy metals, like humic/fulvic products or fulvic ionic minerals. Heavy metals ARE corrosive. That is why some companies offering humic/fulvic or fulvic ionic minerals insist on glass containers! Wu Jin San® contains no heavy metals, IS NOT corrosive and does not have to be bottled in a glass container. In addition, Wu Jin San® has electrochemical energy and does not react in any way with plastic, which is chemically inert (or dead), so there is no concern for plastic leaching into the product. That being said, Mana Life Laboratory is committed to the environment and has investigated more sustainable fiberboard packaging, which is not yet available for our products.
  • How do I store Wu Jin San®?
    We recommend that Wu Jin San® be stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dark place. Some of our customers prefer the taste of chilled Wu Jin San®, but refrigeration is not required. Some of our customers store a smaller amount of product in the refrigerator and keep the gallon on the countertop.
  • Is there an Expiration Date for Wu Jin San®, HumaSoak®, Fauna Mana® and Lithicin®?"
    GMP bottling and packaging regulations require that an expiration date or Best Buy date be stamped on all consumer products. Because Fauna Mana® contains mushroom powders, Ashwagandha, and sencha green tea, there is a specific expiration date marked on the inside gusset of each pouch. There is a Best Buy date on each bottle of Wu Jin San® based on the bottling run and a Lot # based on packaging date of each pouch of HumaSoak™ or Lithicin. However, because Wu Jin San®, HumaSoak®and Lithicin® are derived from fossilized plant material that is hundreds of thousands of years old, for all intents and purposes, these products do not expire.
  • What is the difference between humic acid and fulvic acid?
    Humic acid is a very large molecule with a high molecular weight, large amounts of carbon and low amounts of oxygen. Humic acid facilitates the exchange of nutrients from the soil, including amino acids, sugars and minerals from the soil into plant roots. Humic acids are too large to work inside a plant cell or a human cell. Humic acids are bound to heavy metals in the soil. Therefore any humic acid product, by definition, contains heavy metals. Fulvic acids are smaller molecules, with lower molecular weights, low amounts of carbon (which burns black) and higher amounts of oxygen. These qualities allow fulvic acid to get inside the plant cell or the human cell and support cell metabolism, which includes nutrient extraction, detoxification and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Why is your Wu Jin San® product different from other fulvic products on the market?
    Wu Jin San® is the only fulvic acid on the market that is pure fulvic acid and the only product on the market containing hydrophobic fulvic acid, the fraction of fulvic acid that is biologically active in the cells. Results of 3rd party testing of Wu Jin San® as certified by the Humic Products Trade Association and developed by the International Humic Substanc es Society is published here. Unless the product you are using has the HPTA logo, there is no proof that biologically active fulvic acid is present. Our fulvic acid product is different from other products on the market because we know that the power in the soil is in the golden fraction of the soil, the "Golden Medicine". The power in the soil and in your cells is the electricity provided and supported by fulvic acid. The power in your cells is not from the minerals. When you have adequate amounts of fulvic acid in your body, the minerals you need will be extracted from the food you eat, the way Mother Nature intended.
  • What is the difference between Wu Jin San® and Shilagit?
    Shilagit is a crude tar-like substance from India containing containing humic acid, toxic heavy metals, and very little fulvic acid. Wu Jin San® acid is pure fulvic isolate with a known fulvic content, free of harmful metals, and free of the tar-like waxes found in crude fossilized carbon material like Shilagit and other humic/fulvic products. For further information, please see the following: Ayurvedic Shilajit supplement found to contain alarmingly high levels of LEAD and ARSENIC heavy metals.
  • Soils are depleted of minerals.  Why are there no minerals in your fulvic acid product?
    First of all, soils are not depleted of minerals. Because of overwork and failure to properly amend and condition arable land, using either organic or non-organic farming methods, soils are depleted of the microbial life that produces fulvic acid, which is required to fully process minerals in a human cell. (Click here for more info). Our Wu Jin San® product does not contain minerals because the power of fulvic acid is in the organic chemistry of its structure, not in the minerals. Additionally, fulvic acid products containing minerals have very low fulvic acid content. As discussed in further detail here, if you are taking a fulvic acid product that contains minerals, you are ingesting heavy metals by definition, as fulvic acid supports both plant and animal life and brings heavy metals from the soil to anything with which it interacts. Harmful minerals are removed from our Wu Jin San® to avoid heavy metal contamination and to make the fulvic acid fully available to the cells. If fulvic acid is bound up with minerals, it is less available to the cell for more important work.
  • Other fulvic acid products are much cheaper and sold in concentrated form.  Why is your product processed with water?  Do you water down the Wu Jin San® product?
    Wu Jin San® is made by a 100% Natural cold-extraction, fermentation process. As such water is required in very specific amounts, just like a recipe for a fine wine or a perfect lager. When fulvic acid is concentrated as with other products on the market, it chemically clumps, making it unavailable to your cells and clogging up the pores of the cell membrane. We do not concentrate Wu Jin San® after it is brewed. It is packaged just the way it is made, as called for by Mother Nature's directions. We do not water down our product.
  • How do I use Wu Jin San®?
    For most people, the starting dose of Wu Jin San® is 1/2 ounce twice daily taken in 4-6 ounces of chlorine-free and non-alkaline water, at least 60 minutes away from food. The easiest way to do this is to have a morning dose first thing on arising, before breakfast or coffee, and an evening dose an hour before dinner (instead of that glass of wine!). If Wu Jin San® is taken with food, it is diverted to support the processing of food, instead of strengthening the cells. ​ We recommend that dosage is increased, as tolerated, to 1 ounce twice a day as a maintenance dose for the rest of your life. Since fulvic substances are depleted from the food chain and critical to the workings of your cells, it is something that should be used on a consistent, continuous, daily basis. For other specific use, please consult a medical professional.
  • Why does Wu Jin San® or HumaSoak have to be used with de-chlorinated water?
    City water systems must add chlorine, which is a basic solution, to drinking water to remove harmful bacteria and other microbes. In the process, because of acid-base chemistry, humic and fulvic acids are removed from the water supply. The same acid-base chemistry applies when mixing Wu Jin San® or HumaSoak™ with chlorinated water, If chlorinated water is used, the active components of these products will be neutralized through an acid-base chemical reaction. You must use Wu Jin San® or HumaSoak™ with dechlorinated water. Drinking water is dechlorinated by most filtering systems. In some areas you can de-chlorinate water simply by letting it sit out for 24 hours. To dechlorinate bath water, add 1000 mg of effervescent Vitamin C or 1000 mg of powdered Vitamin C to the bathwater as the tub is filling. Ascorbic acid removes chlorine from bath water. In addition, be aware, that when mixed with chlorine, humic and fulvic can create carcinogenic THMs (Trihalomethanes) and MX’s (Unknown Mutagens). MANY companies selling humic and fulvic products are unaware of this connection and use chlorinated water in the manufacture of their products. At Manalife we use filtered rainwater from the Oregon coast, 40 miles from our production facility.
  • Do your products cure cancer or any other disease?
    None of our products cure cancer or cure or treat any other disease. Our products support your cells to work better at a foundational level by supplying electricity or specific nutrients that will help your cells to be the most powerful and complex pharmacy known to man. Our cells know what to do given the right raw materials. Without electricity and the right raw materials the cells cannot possibly do what they are designed to do. We find that people are seeking a magic bullet without having the fundamentals in place. Humic and fulvic substance are fundametal nutrients.
  • What can I expect from using your products?
    Our products are designed to support the fundamentals of your body's daily work, which includes manufacturing, waste disposal, repair and regrowth. Our products are designed to strengthen the immune system and support detoxification. Wu Jin San®, specifically, is naturally anti-inflammatory, naturally anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. It naturally chelates heavy metals and naturally supports electricity and chemical reactions in the cells of your body. Without adequate amounts of fulvic acid, your cells don't work properly. If you are suffering from any dis-ease, our products will help your cells to fundamentally work better in performing the complex daily functions of manufacturing, waste disposal, repair and regrowth, for both human cells and a healthy microorganism environment in your body. While some users do experience feeling more energetic within the first few weeks of using our Wu Jin San® product, not everyone experiences initial changes. What you can expect will be unique to your situation and ultimately determined by your use of the product. If you are expecting your life to change within a few days or a few weeks use of this product, this will likely not happen, although some people do notice immediate changes. Expecting rapid changes also belies a lack of understanding of how your body works. Nuturing your body and your health is a lifetime endeavor. Especially if you have health issues, please don't expect that your life will turn around in 2 weeks. It takes about a month for every year that you have been sick to turn your life around.
  • Is Wu Jin San® certified organic?
    Organic certification is used as a designation for food, not for non-food products. Wu Jin San® is not a food. It is extracted from fossilized organic matter (rocks) in the process of turning into coal. It has developed over millions of years and is buried several feet deep in the ground, protected from surface contamination. This means Wu Jin San® is not exposed to and does not contain pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, fungicides and other harmful chemicals.
  • Do your products undergo 3rd party testing?
    Yes. Our products undergo 3rd party testing. Even though Dr. Faust is a member of the Humic Products Trade Association, which adopted the industry standard testing, and a member of the International Humic Substances Society, which developed the test methods, all testing is done and reported by independent labs. Mana Life Laboratory does not control the outcome of any testing of our products.
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