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An important final step in making our pure fulvic acids product, Wu Jin San®, is to pass the liquid extraction through a vortexing pipe.  Why do we do this?


We know that power is function in a human body and in a universal body.  And we know that the water molecule, which makes up 99% of the molecules in your body, is uniquely designed to store power in the chemical bonds between hydrogen and oxygen.  So, when Wu Jin San® liquid extract is passed through a specially designed vortexing pipe, as shown in the picture below, the speed of the water molecules is increased and therefore, the power in the product as well.  Motion force added to the electrical force already present in the organic compounds of pure fulvic acids doubles the benefit, which you will find in no other humic or humic/fulvic or fulvic mineral product on the market.


Vortexing Pipe 

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As described by Victor Schauberger, a German naturalist with expertise in hydrology, forestry, mathematics, and engineering, the power of the vortex, as witnessed throughout Nature, supports centripetal or implosive flow in all the water systems of your body, including blood, lymph, bile, saliva, sweat, urine, stool and cerebrospinal fluid.  Implosive flow or force, spiraling toward the center, is integrating, constructive, accelerating, self-sustaining, self-organizing, self-renewing, and friction-reducing.  Implosive force, is concentrated power, which is SILENT, just like the eye of a hurricane.  Explosive flow or force, spiraling outward and away from the center, is chaotic, disintegrating, self-destructive, friction-inducing, decelerating, and NOISE.  Have you ever heard the sound of a tornado, a cyclone, or a hurricane? 

Implosive flow in the water elements of your body keeps the proteins, sugars, fats, starches, salts, and blood elements dissolved in your blood, which is essential for proper functioning of your cells.  Once implosive force is reversed for lack of power, explosive flow in the water elements of your body spatters the proteins, sugars, fats, starches, salts and blood elements to the outside of the vessel which then is dead organic matter sticking to the walls of the arteries and collecting in the cells, causing plaque to form. This composting organic matter is biofilm.
















Implosive vs Explosive Force

So, how do you support implosive or vortex flow in a system that is constantly being drained of energy in the workings of everyday life?

Implosive flow is supported by radiant energy from the sun, infrared light, sound, gravitational force, and by adding vortex energy to water through several different physical means and methods: 

  1. Take a walk outside for at least thirty minutes every day, during daylight hours, even if the sun is covered by clouds.  Outdoor radiant sun exposure is a free and simple way to get recharged.

  2. Sing in the shower, in your car, on your walk, with your friends, etc.  Or laugh out loud, as often as possible.  Or have a sound therapy session.  Sound vibration in the audible spectrum recharges your battery.

  3. If you are lucky enough to have access, drink glacial melt water, which is rainwater derived from glaciers and which never touches the ground.  Glacial melt water is the type of water we use in our Wu Jin San® products, which is rainwater that comes from the glaciers in the Gulf of Alaska, collected before it touches the ground and then passed through a reverse osmosis filter. 

  4. Drink water from an artesian well, which is water that comes from bedrock and doesn't have to be pumped.

  5. Drink nothing but water. 

  6. Vortex whatever water you prefer drinking.

  7. Consider installing a vortex water pipe in your whole house, so that all the water you need, for whatever reason will be vortexed, including drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning, air conditioning, clothes and dish washing and gardening.  


We encourage you take steps to enjoy the benefits of vortex water yourself.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the experience.  While getting outside during daylight hours or singing in the shower are great, practically speaking, drinking water to which vortex energy has been applied offers the most benefit. 


As shown below, there are several options from which to choose.   With a tornado tube shown in the picture to the left below, you can connect two plastic bottles and invert the bottle filled with the drinking water of your choice, allowing it to flow through the tube into the empty bottle to which it is attached.


As shown in the center picture below, we stock the Mayu Swirl, which has an electric base unit designed to generate a vortex motion in the carafe above to which you have added the drinking water you prefer. 

The tornado tube or the Mayu Swirl will introduce you to the benefits of water that has passed through a vortex, allowing especially for you to compare the taste of water that has been vortexed vs water that is flat.  For the most powerful benefit however, use of an Vortex Water Revitalizer, whether a portable unit and secured inline to your plumbing pipes is optimal.  These plumbing fixtures have an internal helical structure, with either a straight or spiraling external dimension.  When water under pressure flows through these fixtures, a vortex pattern is created, which not only affects the water in the pipe, but the downstream water as well.  Importantly, unlike artificially mineralized, alkalized water, or hydrogen water, which looses the "charge" within 24 hours,  once water has been vortexed, the energy is retained in the collection vessel and transferred to you when you drink it.  Plumbing fixtures are available for attachment to a kitchen faucet, to a shower head, to a water filter or to the main water supply for the whole hose.  Each of these pieces comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and a full 10-year warranty on parts. 


What are you waiting for?  Have an experience today.  Your cells will be glad you did.  


Options for Creating Vortex Water

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