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Wu Jin San-Z Gallon

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Our flagship product, with 4.5 mg Zn Sulfate per serving to support anti-viral immunity.

Includes 1.24% Hydrophilic Fulvic Acid fraction as measured by HPTA testing.The only pure Fulvic Isolate Substances on the US Market. With added Zn for immune system support.

Smooth taste, like water from a mountain spring. No harmful minerals/metals. Nature's Electricity. Nature's Detoxifier. Nature's Purifier. Nature's Antioxidant. Nature's Longevity Support. Nature's Foundational Chemistry. Used as Anti-Inflammatory in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Long term benefits reported are more energy, pain reduction, better overall sense of well-being, better memory, more clarity, stronger nails, thicker hair.

Check it out for yourself! See what regular daily use of Wu Jin San-Z® has in store for you!

128 1 ounce Servings per Gallon or a 64 day supply.

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