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Stem Cell Support

Laminine® is a proprietary combination of Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE), marine protein from shark cartilage, and plant protein from the common pea.  The science was first described by a Canadian physician by the name of John R. Davidson, who noticed that the growth rate of a fertilized chicken egg at 9 days increased exponentially, guiding a chick embryo to full gestation at 21 days.  Years later, the essential ingredients required for this phenomenal growth, found in fertilized egg albumin (or the white of the egg) were labeled Young Tissue Extract (YTE) by Dr. Bjoedne Eskeland from Norway.  YTE was found to contain numerous growth factors and amino acids, essential building blocks for the structure and form of the developing organism.  One of the main growth factors identified was Fibroblast Growth Factor, which is necessary to supervise the structural development of an embryo from the nutrient amino acids. 


Fibroblast Growth Factor from a fertilized avian egg is the same signaling message that directs stem cells in the human body to repair and replace tissue.  As you get older, Fibroblast Growth Factor levels decrease, slowing how fast cells repair and regenerate.  FAEE, along with a full complement of both essential and non-essential amino acids from shark cartilage and pea protein, support conditions necessary to direct normal cell metabolism.  Supplementing with Laminine® may enhance the ability of your own stem cells to more effectively and efficiently support the daily growth and repair of your cells, which is required for optimal health.  In our experience, there is anecdotal evidence that Laminine® may increase stem cell counts. 

We offer a 30 capsule sample size at retail pricing.  There is an option to purchase larger amounts at a small discount as an Independent Business Owner.  Follow the Read More link here for further information about this opportunity.  

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