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The only pure fulvic acid on the market  •  No Harmful Minerals  •  100% Natural 

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Do You Want

To Grow a Magnificient Garden?

To Nurture Your Life
with Solid Fundamentals?

To Do the Same for Your Family &  the Animals You Love?

To Simplify Your Daily Routine

with Easy, Yet Powerful Action?

To Benefit from Nature's 

Essential Nutrients?

You've Come to The Right Place

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You've Come to The Right Place

Mana Life Laboratory

Where Traditional Wisdom Meets Modern Science

Foundational Human and Animal Health Products

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Your body is a garden, planted by the seed of infinite possibility.  Birth is a contract by which you are bound, according to the Laws of Nature, to nourish and protect your body on continuous daily basis.  Daily care is a call to action for adequate sunlight, adequate water, proper nutrition, protection from harm, and adequate rest.  Break these rules and daily function across the spectrum of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capability will be impaired. 


Your body is a group of interconnected systems, run by a life force of infinite intelligence.  It has an elemental nature, consisting of ether, air, fire, earth, and water.  Optimal health requires a balance in and between all of these elements, each supporting the other, with constant flow between them.  Electricity is what connects all the elements together.  Without electricity, your body doesn't run.  You wouldn't be alive right now if you weren't generating some electricity, however, most people are not generating the amount of electricity necessary to support continuous flow and full charge, which is required for a life lived at optimal capacity.  Without a full charge and continuous flow of electricity, your body just doesn't work right.  You can "eat healthy" (or not), drink plenty of water (or not), take all the supplements you want (or not), exercise (oe nor), get plenty of rest (or not), etc.  If you don't have enough electricity, all of these things will fail to achieve optimal health and can even make things worse.  How do you get electricity then?

What runs electricity in your body is one of the air elements named hydrogen.   Hydrogen, however, is a very hot gas, and without a counterbalance, the circulating electricity, hydrogen, would incinerate the carbon-based organic matter of which you are made.  The counterbalance for hydrogen is another air element, named oxygen, a very cold gas.  Hydrogen and oxygen together make water.  Water is the counterbalance for the fire and heat created by the hydrogen electricity that runs your body.  You need hydrogen and oxygen in equal amounts, every day, all the time, to sustain and support the function of your body.  Nature provides these elements in the air you breathe, in the water you drink and in the food you eat.  The cleanest sources for hydrogen and oxygen are air and water, as hydrogen in oxygen in food are combined with carbon, which doesn't burn clean.  Nature also provides a perfect balance of hydrogen and oxygen in an earth element, the soil, in the form of organic matter named humic substances. 

With an understanding of this fundamental nature of your body, which is the same and not separate from the Universal Nature of All of Creation, Mana Life Laboratory has developed a line of products extracted from the soil using techniques developed during the Ming Dynasty and prepared by you for consumption or application using modern chemistry in your kitchen or your bathtub.  Our flagship product, Wu Jin San®, contains pure fulvic substances (a fraction of humic substances), organic matter made from the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulfur, but higher in hydrogen and oxygen and lower in dirty-burning carbon.  Humic substances with a higher carbon content, like peat, coal, lignite, and humic acid are fossil fuels, which generate more heat and ultimately more dirty, carbonaceous waste, like the soot in your chimney or the black particulate matter in the dirty engine oil of your car.  Fulvic substances, containing a perfect balance of hydrogen and oxygen are the perfect vehicle to transport electricity throughout the world of living organisms, including microbes, fungi, plants, animals and, importantly, YOUR body.  Humic substances do have a limited application in our Fauna Mana, HumaSoak, and Lithicin products, not as support of electricity, but as support for detoxification, waste elimination, and a healthy microbiome. 

Just enough electricity, without too much fire.  Excess fire "Inflammation" is the root cause of dis-ease.    Minerals play a limited role.  

Fulvic substances are essential nutrients.  There are depleted in the soil.  They are depleted in your body.  

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