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Wu Jin San®

Ancient Wisdom.  Modern Science.  Golden Medicine.

No Harmful Metals.  No Aluminum.  100% Natural. 

The word fulvic derives from the Latin "fulvus", which means      tawny or yellow. Pure fulvic acid is a golden light brown to brownish-orange. If it's not this brassy color, it isn't fulvic acid.  And even if it is a brassy color, but contains minerals, don't be fooled. Humic/fulvic with minerals, or fulvic acid containing minerals, lacks the full spectrum benefit of pure fulvic acid.

Wu Jin San® is Pure Fulvic Acid with all of the biological benefits: * 

  • Enhances Electrical Circuits in Your Body 🔌

  • Enhances Nutrient Absorption & Assimilation 

  • Enhances Detoxification & Elimination 

  • Supports a Strong Immune System 

  • Enhances Wound Healing

  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefit in Chinese Medicine

Wu Jin San® is an Essential Nutrient for Optimal Health. Daily Supplementation is Recommended.


  • Supports Healthy Microbiome by stimulating "good" microbes, while suppressing "bad" microbes. 🔬

  • Chelates Heavy Metals 

  • Binds Radionuclide Waste in Soils and Water 

  • Binds & Neutralizes Pesticides & Toxic PetroChemicals 

  • Supports cell growth and repair

  • Shown to enhance Longevity through BioAssay Testing 

pure fulvic isolate

Fauna Mana

7 Powerful Medicinal Mushrooms

1:1 Mushroom Extracts

  • Chaga"The King of Medicinal Mushrooms" 

  • Cordyceps - Yin and Yang Support ☯

  • Shitake - "DNA Protection" 

  • Maitake - "Anti-Oxidant" Support / "Blood Sugar Regulation" 

  • Turkey Tail - "The Immune Mushroom" 

  • Oyster -  Blood Pressure Regulation / Natural Statins / Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial 

  • Tremella - "The Beauty Mushroom" (for soft and glowing skin) ☀

  • Ashwagandha - Ayurvedic adaptogen to support adrenal function

  • Green Tea - with EGCG & Catechins

  • Pure Crystalline Hemp CBD Isolate - Direct cannabadiol support shown to reduce stress and help with sleep. 

 Full Spectrum. Whole Mushroom. No Mycelium. 

No Grain. Organically Grown.  With Ashwaganda and

Green Tea or CBD Isolate

We have selected seven medicinal mushrooms and combined them with Ashwagandha, Green Tea OR Pure Hemp Crystalline Isolate, and our proprietary blend of humic and fulvic acid to create a therapeutic tea beverage, prepared with hot water, according to traditional Chinese Medicine practice.  Hot water is necessary to chemically  release the active ingredients. 

powdered Mushroom Tea


The ancient therapeutic practice of balneotherapy, comes to life in the comfort of your own home!  HumaSoak® is made of ancient organic matter, high in fulvic and humic acids. Epsom salts has been added for skin softening effect.  When used externally, in a hot water bath, humic and fulvic substances offer all the benefits of therapeutic balneotherapy, a mud spa session, or a natural hot spring soak for under $1 per treatment.

Made from Ancient Humus Deposits

Therapeutic Benefits  🛁 *

  • Low Back Pain

  • Exercise Recovery

  • Aching & Tired Muscles & Joints

  • Soft Skin


  • Atopic Dermatitis

  • Psoriasis

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Anklyosing Spondylitis

Pure Hemp Crystalline CBD Isolate

Broadens Medicinal Benefit *


Humic and fulvic acids have long been used in the animal husbandry and livestock production industries.  Extensive literature exists on the effects of humates in cows, goats, sheep, hogs, poultry, and horses.  Lithicin is a registered animal remedy in Oregon and has been shown to increase milk production when studied on dairy cows in the Netherlands (read article here).  

Lithicin™ is non-toxic and has both soluble and insoluble humic acids and clays, which enhance longevity and protect the digestive tract.  All animals benefit from these natural humic substances, which would have been in abundance in the wild, supplied by microbes in fertile soil.  Animals crave humic substances and will overeat if humates are lacking in the food.  Animals denied the crucial components of humic matter will eat soil, wood, or manure to obtain these essential nutrients.  

Ancient Fossil Peat Combined with Carbonaceous Clay

Therapeutic Benefits  🐎🐄🐐🐔🐖  *

  • Stabilizes intestinal flora and improves nutrient utilization, thereby reducing food needs and/or cost.

  • Detoxifies pollutants in food and forms protective barrier in the intestinal tract.

  • Higher food conversion, with reduction in nitrogenous waste and thereby reduction in odor of faeces.

  • Reduction in stress hormone levels, making animals more calm and energetic.

Pet and Animal supplement

  • Stimulates "good" microbes, while suppressing "bad" microbes.

  • Reduction of mastitis in cows. 

  • Raises resistance against disease. 

  • Useful in the treatment of scours.

  • Reduces mortality and increases growth in poultry. 

  • Supports cell growth and repair.  

100% Natural 

Lithicin™ is an Essential Nutrient For Healthy Animals. 

Daily Supplementation is Recommended.


Andy Koontz

 Wu Jin San® Purchase 

“I have to say I was nervous to try Fulvic Acid because I have taken so many things that taste horrible. I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2006. Recovery has been the hardest part. I’ve been trying to get my life back. I’ve tried so many different products. I mixed the Fulvic Acid in water and smelled it – I didn’t really smell anything and thought “maybe it won’t be too bad”. Shot the mixture back and there was no taste at all – what a pleasant surprise! An even better surprise was how it made me feel. It gives my body a boost – one it desperately needs. I can feel the difference in my whole body when I am taking the Fulvic Acid. If I even skip one dose I just feel different – not as fresh, alert, or vital. I will happily be taking Fulvic Acid every day of my life! Thank you!”


 Wu Jin San® Purchase 

Fantastic! This stuff is amazing. Mine arrived in perfect condition - sealed well with no contents lost. After just a few days of use (of taking 1 oz/day) I notice a SIGNIFICANT decrease in systemic inflammation as well as increased energy. I have CFS and numerous sensitivities which create a lot of inflammation in my body. I've used TONS of different supplements over the past 15 years and this one stands out as truly superior and one that I now won't want to be without. I've tried 3 or 4 other brands of fulvic acid and this one has truly given the best results AND it's the most palatable; barely any taste. If you've been lucky enough to stumble upon this product, give it a try!! I'm headed over to their website now to purchase a gallon.


 fauna mana® Purchase 

“I was skeptical when my wife wanted to order the WuJinSan Fulvic Acid and Fauna Mana Super Immune Booster, but I decided to give it a try.  I’d been taking both consistently for a month until one day I ran out of the house and forgot.  I’m an arborist, so am very physically active.  I was out working that afternoon and just felt completely wiped out, like I could go to sleep at any moment.  When I got home, I took the Wu Jin San Fulvic with the Fauna Mana mushroom powder.  I didn’t expect anything really, so was surprised that within an hour I felt completely re-energized and balanced, like I just woke up!! Seriously, it was amazing! I’ve tried other products and have been completely unimpressed.  I was truly amazed by the instant results.”


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